How to Create a Blockchain Network for Business and Not Screw Up. FutureNet Project Founder Roman Ziemian Shares the Secret of Success

FutureNet is a multifunctional platform specialized in innovative technologies for business online promotion. The project introduces an improved business model that unites the best of the blockchain and MLM worlds. FutureNet network was founded in 2014, the audience of the project already numbers over 3,5 mln users. FutureNet project founder Roman Ziemian shares his rules of doing business and explains how a life position of a leader affects the project results.

  • What rules should be followed by entrepreneurs who create a business from scratch?

First of all, you should always look at the business from a global and timing perspective. Create a product that will be in demand among society at any time and place in the world, develop it in accordance with market changes. Don’t be afraid to do something, but don’t forget about the risks – no matter how successful the project is, be ready to lose the money you’ve invested. Speaking of network business, I think that it should be treated as your own family. You grow and develop together with partners and you move towards the success for a common cause.

  • How did the history of the FutureNet project begin?

When I met my business partner Stephan Morgenstern, the blockchain topic was only at the start of its development. Besides, considering a great experience that Stephan has in network marketing we couldn’t pass by this sector and decided to create an improved and modern MLM business model that meets the challenges of today, opens up the potential of users on the Internet and gives them the opportunity to earn.

  • Why did you choose the EU for doing business, Poland in particularly?

I was born in Poland and when I met Stephan we’ve decided together that it will be the best place for the start. European legislative base is very strong and at the same time allows owners to freely conduct and develop their own business. Besides, the EU has a code of laws regarding frauds, corruption, money laundering, violation of which has serious consequences for the company. This way ensure the security of users personal information, their financial assets and show that our business is not a shallow but an honest project in which anyone can participate. Now we also have offices in England, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

  • The project audience already numbers over 3,5 mln users in 190 countries in the world. How did you manage to do it?

We’ve created a business platform that unites unique blockchain technologies and a classic MLM. It’s not a secret that it is possible to earn in MLM business. We went further and decided to improve the model of conducting network business and give users more opportunities to make additional money.

You can earn in network marketing. Let’s have a look at Mary Kay. Just think about it – the company was created in 1963 and already has over 3 mln employees! There are many stories of success in this company and other leaders in the network marketing and they are all true. It’s important to understand that any result depends only on you. The amount of earning in the project directly connected with the work made by a user. Projects that promise you million for nothing are scams. Nothing costs more than something that’s free.

  • How to distinguish MLM projects from financial pyramids?

Unfortunately, financial pyramids still exist and it’s most of the time difficult to distinguish worthwhile projects from frauds. Even though people can access great opportunities of the technological world and they are more cautious about startups that enter the market, most of them still can fall for shallow projects. MLM business has proved for years that anyone willing to earn can do so but certain efforts should be applied. Despite the fact that financial pyramids are developing and coming up with new fraud schemes, there are several indicators which can help to distinguish them from MLM projects. One of the main difference that network marketing has against financial pyramids is a product developed and produced by the company. The product should be in demand among users, bring benefits, help to build and develop existing business. In FutureNet we are mainly focused on our users. For example, crypto wallet FNWallet is used for safe transactions and storing cryptocurrencies. Users can assess 13 categories with thousands of products on online trading platform 24BAS. Cloud storage FutureCloud allows storing the information in the cloud and sharing it online. One of the latest product developed by FutureNet – an advertising network BannersApp where users see ads when unlocking their smartphones, while brands can customize their banners in accordance with the characteristics of potential clients. Besides, you should pay attention to the fact that financial pyramids usually appear in the market as fast as they will disappear afterwards and don’t offer any real products, only promise you enormous earnings from nothing. Such companies should be avoided.


What do you think about such popular topic as cryptocurrencies, FuturoCoin in particular? Do you think that founders have made the idea of “the coin of the future” to come true?

The cryptocurrency market was at the peak of its popularity in 2017, in particular, the leading coins Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple – this is when FutureNet team has thought of creating own cryptocurrency. It was a big step for FutureNet as with the launch of FuturoCoin they’ve opened a whole new range of opportunities for network users. A team of real professionals worked on creating the coin, its rate already exceeds $12 and holders are willingly trading it on cryptocurrency exchanges. Transactions in FuturoCoin take 4 seconds and an additional protection from double-spending was developed. Users can set up to 10 recipients within one transaction, the fee is fixed and doesn’t depend on the number of addresses. FuturoCoin holders can assess a wide range of opportunities for using the coin in the business and everyday lives. You can already pay with FuturoCoin in FutureNet cafes located in Kiev, Wroclaw, and Warsaw.

  • FutureNet is actively supporting sports. What does it mean to you?  

Social responsibility of owners and participant is of the indicators of a successful business. Your business should participate in the life of society and be useful. FutureNet was created for people at the first place and the communication with them is very important to us – this is why the project has so many in common with the social network. Our new project – FutureNet Sport is a part of FutureNet network and is actively participating in the lives of sports teams and events. We’ve already become partners with a German football club VfB Stuttgart and a Polish basketball FutureNet WKS Śląsk Wrocław, and have also participated in such event like Shanghai International Legends Stars Tournaments 2018, Deutschland Tour 2018 on cycling and many others.

  • The project has not bypassed quite an important question of charity. What role does it play in FutureNet?

I and Stephan take charity very seriously and have founded an organization called FutureNet Foundation. Thanks to the participants we’ve recently managed to raise money on a surgery for an 8-years girl Wictoria from Poland and have already helped many other kids. Together with the foundation, we want to help as many kids as possible and to make the world brighter and better for them. In June, I and Stephan have become partners with IIMSAM organization and the United Nations. The main goal of IIMSAM is to fight against cancer and the global hunger problem. We can’t imagine how hard it can be for women to fight breast cancer but we want to do our best to support them in such a hard time and give them an opportunity to feel strong and confident. At the moment Stephan is the only IIMSAM ambassador in Germany and me – in Poland. This cooperation plays a great role in our lives and the life of the project. We believe that together FutureNet and IIMSAM can do more for people who really need help and support.

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