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However, within years I realized that there were major shortcomings to the Western technical approach as they were based upon technical studies which used
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Traders apply technical analysis to the Forex markets because they believe that exchange rates are not always determined by economic fundamentals like
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Trading Without A Plan This is the most common mistake made by beginners. You like something about a technical setup, and the next second you make the trade.
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Dogecoin definition Dogecoin describes Dogecoin as “the internet currency”. The Shibu Inu is a Japanese breed of dog that was popularized as an online meme.
What is NEM – The Full Guide
NEM NEM is a blockchain written in Java, the double-layer blockchain supports multiple ledgers on its cryptocurrency layers. NEM’s ecosystem is built in
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An investor’s attitude to risk is usually associated with their wealth, job security, and inflation. Having this in mind, you might conclude that two people
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Partly, this intense growth was caused by the fact that ESMA enforced new restriction laws on the maximum leverage that EU traders can use (this caused
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If the market price of a raw material is higher than its cost of extracting it from the crust of the earth or any other form of production, it leads to
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The currencies of countries around the world are fiat instruments, meaning that they have no backing by anything other than the full faith and credit of
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Futures are a microcosm of the OTC market Volume and open interest metrics provide clues for price direction Momentum indicators are powerful technical
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Term structure, the forward curve, or time spreads are all synonymous and reflect the price differences for a commodity over time. In some commodities