Choosing the Best Forex and CFD Broker
Instead, they have to trade through a financial services organization, known as a forex or CFD broker. These businesses act as ‘intermediaries’ or ‘middlemen”
Benefits of Contracts for Differences
CFDs allow forex traders to take long or short exposure using leverage and settle the transaction with cash, rather than delivery of physical assets. 
Basics of Forex Trading – Part 2
As a trader, you’ll have access to all or some of these venues, depending on the services provided by your broker. In addition, let’s introduce the three
Basics of Forex Trading – Part 1
What is the forex market? Why is it a great market to trade? What is a currency pair and how it is read? What are the major terms and concepts that forex
Introduction to the Major Fundamental Influences on Forex Prices
When most individuals think of trading, they think of stocks and futures. This is probably because of the long-term history of these investment vehicles.
5 Investment Tips for Forex Market Investors
Forex trading is a complex but fascinating field. Forex traders have tremendous opportunities to make money, but they also need to constantly improve their skills.
Cryptocurrency vs Forex Market – Similarities and Differences
Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become mainstream, and many traders wonder whether they should focus on crypto markets instead of forex
Investment Strategies for Extremely Volatile Markets
Volatile markets can be very challenging to navigate. At the same time, they offer great opportunities for outsized profits. In this article, we’ll discuss
How To Choose The Right Forex Strategy
How To Choose The Right Forex Strategy There are many trading strategies available, but going through them one by one is not practical. Instead, traders
What Distinguishes Japanese Technicians from Western Technicians
However, within years I realized that there were major shortcomings to the Western technical approach as they were based upon technical studies which used
Factors Affecting Currency Prices
No financial marketplace comprehends as much of what is proceeding in the global trading community at any given time as foreign currency exchange, but
Technical Analysis in the Forex Markets
Traders apply technical analysis to the Forex markets because they believe that exchange rates are not always determined by economic fundamentals like
Beginners Guide – Common Mistakes To Avoid While Trading
Trading Without A Plan This is the most common mistake made by beginners. You like something about a technical setup, and the next second you make the trade.
Who are the Major Forex Players Behind the Liquidity?
The Forex market is the single largest market in the world not just in terms of average daily turnover and average revenue per trader but also the largest
Tips On How To Trade The Currency Pair EUR/GBP
EUR is the Euro, the official currency of most European countries, including Italy, France, Germany, Spain, etc. Conversely, the official currency of the
Forex Regulation Across Africa – The Complete Guide
Partly, this intense growth was caused by the fact that ESMA enforced new restriction laws on the maximum leverage that EU traders can use (this caused
What are Commodity Currency Pairs?
The currencies of countries around the world are fiat instruments, meaning that they have no backing by anything other than the full faith and credit of
The Benefits of Using Contracts for Differences
Contracts for differences (CFDs) are financial instruments that track many assets including forex, individual equity shares, commodities, indices, and
Psychology in Trading
Psychology Is The Most Important Factor For Your Trading Profits When folks begin trading, the first instinct is to focus on the charts.
Forex Trading for Beginners
Forex trading for beginners Forex trading can be an exciting and lucrative activity, but it can also be tough, especially for beginners.
Guide: How To Choose the Best Forex and CFD Broker in 2022
The Forex market is the world’s largest financial market with a turnover in excess of around $4 trillion a day. Despite its huge size, this market has