Psychology and Trading
Unfortunately, new participants get punished with this naive mentality, shocked to discover that ‘winning’ trades aren’t enough to become successful in
Seven Common Trading Mistakes
In many cases, these folks just made dumb mistakes that could easily have been avoided, given the proper guidance and discipline. KEY POINTS Common mistakes
Price Inflation: Definition, Measures, Types and Pros and Cons
Inflation news has been dominating the headlines for several months as the global economy begins to slowly reopen following the more than year-long pandemic.
Stock Buybacks: Why Would a Company Reinvest in Themselves?
U.S. corporate buybacks are on the rise in 2021 lifting investor spirits after last year’s pandemic dampened activity. While most investors are eager to
Explainer: What is a Global Minimum Tax and How Could it Affect Companies, Countries?
By Leigh Thomas and David Lawder Yellen said on Monday that she is working with G20 countries to agree on a global minimum, which she said could help end
What do Cultural Differences and Trading Behaviours have in Common?
An investor’s attitude to risk is usually associated with their wealth, job security, and inflation. Having this in mind, you might conclude that two people
Breakeven Crude Oil Production Costs Around The World
If the market price of a raw material is higher than its cost of extracting it from the crust of the earth or any other form of production, it leads to
What are Contango And Backwardation?
Term structure, the forward curve, or time spreads are all synonymous and reflect the price differences for a commodity over time. In some commodities
Globalism and The Economy
Is the US still the world’s leading superpower? While the strong global economic growth of the late 19th and early 20th centuries was driven in part by
This Is What You Need To Know About Digital-Only Banking
Digital-Only Banking Is A Growing Industry Digital-only banking is a growing wave of consumer-oriented banking institutions focused on serving their clientele
How to Trade the DAX Index with CFDs
Germany is Europe’s largest economy, and the home of Europe’s most liquid index – the DAX. The DAX is an index that was established in Germany in 1988
How to Be Successful on the Oil Market
A magic word CFD Considering investments into the oil market, you will see three magical letters CFD. CFD is an abbreviation of the contract for difference.
Best Strategies to Trade the Gold-Silver Ratio
Gold prices and silver prices generally trade in tandem. Their price movements are correlated with one another most of the time, but on occasion, the relationship
Vintage Investing, Vintage Profits?
Anything vintage is widely regarded to be the best in its class. For instance, when talking about vintage stocks, the first thing that comes to mind is
Things to Consider When Trading the Canadian Dollar
The Canadian Dollar (CAD) is an important currency part of the Forex dashboard. As part of the DXY (Dollar Index), where it holds almost a ten percent
Nebula-AI (NBAI): The convergence of AI and Blockchain
The blockchain space is full of projects without a clear use case and clear value, but, as we’ll see, there are also projects which are quite the opposite.
How Not to Fall for Scams – Rules Of Choosing ICO
ICO flow is growing as well. Are you interested in healthcare? There is Well platform that connects patients and doctors. Do you want to create your own
6 Situations Where Buying a Used Car Makes More Sense Than Buying a New One
True enough, a new car usually comes with new specifications, offers better ride comfort, and probably requires fewer maintenance visits.
How to Maximise Cashback on Your Credit Card
Cashback credit cards offer a great way to save money as you spend money. If used properly, these cards can save you thousands of dollars every year.
Eastern Stability: How Might Improving Relationships with China, Israel, and Korea Affect the Forex Market?
This is what is known as ‘geopolitical risk’. With today’s markets more interconnected than ever, traders from major forex platforms must pay close attention
Are the Top 16 Risks to Gold Stocks in 2018 Catalysts for Gold?
Many of the top risks to gold stocks are related to geopolitical and financial concerns, which will only compound the already high operational risks.