What Is A Forward Contract?
A forward contract is an over-the-counter or exchange-traded financial transaction for the future delivery of a commodity or an asset. The buyer receives
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Learn the Basics of Trading Currencies
What is Currency Trading? Currency trading is when a person buys and sells different types of currencies, money, that are used worldwide.
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Trading bullish and bearish divergences is a popular strategy to take advantage of the price movements in the forex market. While there are numerous strategies
What is ECN Trading and What are its Advantages?
Forex trading doesn’t take place on a regulated exchange (like shares or other assets do), as it occurs between buyers and sellers from anywhere in the
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The behavior of the masses works differently from the mechanism that determines individual actions. The discovery is quite old and well described in a
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Trading Gold is a Hot Topic Today. What`s the Point?
“The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit” – Ralph Waldo Emerson For ages, people adore and treasure gold for